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Akwe:kon Guest Rooms

There are two guest rooms in Akwe:kon for parents, family, program guests and prospective students. The Akwe:kon guest rooms are a unique feature of the American Indian community at Cornell University. The rooms have hosted various Tribal leaders, academic advisors from overseas, political leaders and cultural educators.

Akwe:kon Library

The Akwe:kon library is a browsing library located on the first floor of Akwe:kon. In addition to being a study area, the library is available for research on a variety of Native topics. Some of our books have been donated by the Huntington Free Library Native American Collection at Cornell University. Visit the library to learn more about upcoming events.

Study Rooms

Akwe:kon offers two small study rooms. One on each floor. The rooms provide a quiet space where residents can work without interruption. The rooms are WiFi friendly and come equipped with a large desk with ample work space. There is no need to reserve the rooms.They are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Computer Room

The computer room in Akwe:kon is another fine study area. The computers are loaded with MATLAB, Microsoft Office Suite, Creative Suite for students wanting to design flyers and posters, and rework photos.

TV Lounge

Akwe:kon wouldn't be complete without a TV room. The lounge has comfortable furniture that is great for an afternoon nap or watching your favorite dvd with your friends, or playing XBOX with your buddies. 

Laundry Room

No need to go outside to do your laundry. Akwe:kon's laundry room is located on the second floor. You will find washer and dryer, iron & ironing board, along with a clothes line for delicate things that need to line dry.


A cozy community kitchen that has a refrigerator, an electric stove with oven, microwave, and dishwasher. Students are encouraged to bring their own dish-ware. However, the kitchen is furnished with them. The kitchen also has plenty of condiments to support the students that do not have meal plans, or wish cook and prepare their meals in Akwe:kon.  Residents are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.