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Akwe:kon hosts many programs and activities throughout the year. Most of our programs are student initiated and lead, yet faculty and staff often aid in the planning process. Reoccurring programs include bake nights, film screenings, and February Fridays workshops. Akwe:kon programs have expanded to off-campus events as well, such as visits to Native communities in the region. Akwe:kon's programs are always evolving based on student interest. Every year, Akwe:kon typically hosts a hands-on workshop program. In the recent past, such programs included a brain-tanning workshop, a beading workshop, sewing projects and a corn-husk doll making workshop.

Akwe:kon is a great resource on campus for Native cultures. Non-residents can apply for out-of-house memberships, which includes program and house information via list-serve, access to all Akwe:kon programs (including those that take place off-campus), and access to the building itself. All are welcome and encouraged to learn more about Akwe:kon!

Community Service

Residents in Akwe:kon and other students affiliated with the American Indian Program have the opportunity to engage in various outreach/community service-oriented activities, such as the AIISP Tutoring Program with Lafayette High School in Lafayette, NY. Cornell students travel once a week to tutor high school-aged Native students at Lafayette High School, where they serve not only as an academic resource for Native high school students, but also as leaders, mentors, and friends. Additionally AIISP Students have worked with the Akwesasne Freedom School to make gift cards, which are then sold to raise money for the school.

Students also frequently open their doors to guests such as visiting and prospective students. Every fall, Akwe:kon participates in the Native American Hosting Weekend, and other university recruitment activities through which residents host a prospective Native high school senior.