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Akwe:kon residents traveled to Ganondagan State Historic Site in Victor, NY for a house retreat. Ganondagan is the site of 17th Century Seneca Village that was destroyed by the French in 1687. The site now serves as a historic marker dedicated to educating visitors on the history of the Seneca people and the culture and influence of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Akwe:kon residents engaged in a tour of a reconstructed Longhouse (the traditional home of the Iroquois) followed by a hands on demonstration on the process of harvesting Iroquois White Corn. Ganondagan’s, volunteer organization “The Friends of Ganondagan” hosted a meal for the Akwe:kon residents at the Iroquois White Corn Project’s Cook House.

Peter Jemison discusses the uses of corn in Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) life, 2014









Akwe:kon residents inside reconstructed longhouse at Ganondagan, (2014)









Residents take turns harvesting corn, (2014)








First-year student Conner Monsees harvesting corn, (2014)






Akwe:kon residents learn about Iroquois heirloom corn, (2014)








Students husking and braiding corn to be hung and dried, (2014)




Sophomore, Jamie Peterson and first-year, Ooreeel Flowers-Chandler show off their braiding skills, (2014)

















Akwe:kon residents are treated to a lunch consisting of corn products from the Iroquois White Corn Project, (2014)











Residents pictured with Peter Jemison and Jeanette Miller-Jemison at Ganondagan's Iroquois White Corn Project, (2014)