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February Fridays is a series of cultural programming geared towards enriching the experience of being part of the Akwe:kon community. This series consists of outside speakers, creative workshops, and film screenings that happen every Friday during the month of February. In the past we have been able to bring in members from the surrounding area to share their Indigenous knowledge with students and participating faculty. Over the past two years we were pleased to have a wide range of community members come to Akwe:kon including:

  • Ronnie Reitter (Seneca) - Corn, the Leader of the Plant World and Corn Husk Doll Workshop
  • Tonia Loran Galban (Mohawk)- Star Gazing, Indigenous Constellation Knowledge and Storytelling
  • Michael Galbin (Washoe/ Paiute)- Significance of the Two Row Wampum Belt and Wampum Belt Workshop
  • Peter Jones (Onondaga)- Building Traditional Knowledge through Pottery Creativity, Culture and Clay
  • Tom Huff (Seneca/ Cayuga)- Stone Carving Workshop
  • Andrea Cooke (Onondaga)- Baking Iroquois White Corn Bread
  • Jane Mt. Pleasant (Tuscarora)- Baking Iroquois White Corn Bread
  • G. Petter Jemison (Seneca)- Identity Bag Workshop