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February Fridays @ Akwe:kon 2014 
All Events held in the Community Room from 7:00-9:30 PM (unless otherwise noted).

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February 7– The Cherokee Word for Water

Film Screening, RPCC Auditorium 7pm

Inspired by a Cherokee community’s success in using the concept of “gadugi” (working together in community) to access running water, this feature-length film examines part of what led Wilma Mankiller to become the first woman Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

February 14 – Tom Huff (Seneca Cayuga)

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Stone Carving Workshop, Akwe:kon Community Room 7pm 15 PERSON LIMIT RSVP

Hands-on workshop and discussion about stone and traditional Native philosophies of the arts. Stone carving is an ancient meditative and healing art; the perfect medicine for the rigors of academics in this high-tech world.

*Re-scheduled for Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

February 21 – Andrea Cooke (Onondaga) with Professor Jane Mt. Pleasant (Tuscarora)

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Iroquois White Corn Bread, Hurlburt Ecology House Kitchen 7pm

White corn is a staple food in Haudenosaunee Culture and Communities. This particular corn is an heirloom varietal that dates back thousands of years in the Americas. Students will learn the process of making flour and then cook with it to make a traditional Iroquois Corn Bread.

February 28– G. Peter Jemison (Seneca)

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Identity Bags Workshop, Akwe:kon Community Room 7pm

An identity bag is a 3D “selfie” using a paper bag. Create an image on the outside, then place biographical things inside the bag that are topical and fix the piece in a particular time. If drawing isn't your thing, use a photograph or something graphic that you identify with. Be creative, get daring! Find just the right bag from your favorite store or we'll even make a bag.