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Cornell Chronicle/CALS cover Chairman Archambault lecture

Feb 20, 2017
“It is chairman Archambault’s key obligation to protect and conserve the lands, waters, and culture of his peoples,” Kassam said. “It is our role as students and faculty to directly engage communities by learning about their concerns and sharing our knowledge. This is how we, together, engender hope and wise stewardship.” Read more

Cornell Sun covers C. Archambault lecture

Feb 20, 2017
The Standing Rock Sioux will lead a march on Washington D.C. on March 10, and Archambault called for activists to organize similar demonstrations in their home cities.
“This movement — it’s an awakening,” he said. “It’s time now. It’s time to do something, and sit back no longer.” Read more

"For our tomorrows: Refining facets of sustainability" in Ezra Magazine

Nov 30, 2016
Professor Gerald Torres: "You want lawyers to be conversant with scientists to think through the best policies."
Skye Hart, '18: "That way those earning low incomes will have access to better schools, shorter commutes and public transportation, resulting in a more equitable and eco-friendly lifestyle. PUSH [People United for Sustainable Housing] has shown that environmentally sustainable initiatives are a solution in low-income neighborhoods." Read more

Faculty response to CCA Biennial installation "American Spolia: Crossing the Line"

Oct 7, 2016
In a letter to interim President Rawlings, Dean Kleinman (AAP), and Professor Mergold (Architecture), AIISP faculty request the removal of the American Spolia installation. Additionally, they ask that the university clarify its relationship to the art installation, and renew their call for Cornell University to officially recognize its location on Cayuga territories. Read more