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Skye Hart '18, Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar

Aug 25, 2016

Congratulations Skye Hart (Seneca) '18 on becoming a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Scholar for her project, Understanding Planning for Seattle's Native American Communities: "Native Americans living in urban areas tend to experience higher poverty rates and worse living standards than the overall population, among other issues, yet there is little research regarding present-day urban Native communities. Using Seattle as a case study, I will further the literature on Native Americans living in urban areas by exploring the issued facing Seattle's urban Native population, the resources currently available, and how to address community needs." Read more

Leadership in the World of Stem and Beyond

Jul 8, 2016

Michael Charles (Navajo), a brand-new graduate of Cornell University, has always applied himself. But he hasn't always been sure of his path in life...with a positive undergraduate experience to his credit, including a minor in music, Charles has decided to continue toward his doctorate. Read more

House Proud

Jul 6, 2016

Twenty-five years ago this fall, Cornell became the first university in the U.S. to open a residence hall dedicated to Native American life—a purpose-built, painstakingly designed structure that incorporated myriad symbols into its exterior, interior, and even landscaping. Located at the corner of Triphammer and Jessup roads on North Campus, the house was named Akwe:kon (pronounced "uh-GWAY-go"), which means "all of us" in the Mohawk language. A quarter century later, Akwe:kon is still going strong... Read more

It Takes a Village to Raise a Doctor; 2 Yaqui Students Win Udall Scholarships

Jun 2, 2016

For Marcos A. Moreno, Yaqui, and Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, Yaqui/Crow Creek Sioux, both 21, winning 2016 Udall Scholarships in Native health care is less a personal honor and more the recognition of a community’s achievements.

Top Faculty Advisers, TAs Honored at Dinner

Jun 1, 2016

Murray, assistant professor of linguistics, joined the Cornell faculty in 2010. Her primary interests are the semantics and pragmatics of natural language, as well as fieldwork and semantic fieldwork methodology. She works with the Cheyenne in Southeastern Montana during the summers. Her book, “The Semantics of Evidentials,” is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Read more

Marcos Moreno '17 is named a 2016 Udall scholar

May 5, 2016

Marcos Moreno ’17 has received a 2016 Udall scholarship, which supports undergraduates with excellent academic records and who show potential for careers in environmental public policy, health care and tribal public policy. Read more

Student Assembly Supports Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Mar 17, 2016

Many Cornellians attended the S.A. meeting to support the passage of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, after a student-run Facebook page urged community members to support the resolution. The resolution calls for the University to recognize the second Monday of October — currently Columbus Day — as Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Read more

Māori Economics Whiz-kid Scores Big Scholarship

Jan 14, 2016

Hautahi Kingi (Nga Rauru, Te Atihaunui a Paparangi), a PhD candidate in economics at Cornell University in the United States, is the winner of this year’s $10,000 Motu Thesis Scholarship. Kingi has two elements to his research: one around immigration and the other looking into tax and consumption. Read more