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Global Indigeneity

The United Nations High Level Plenary Meeting, the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples (WCIP), took place on September 22-23, 2014. The overall objective of this meeting was to produce a common outcome document that would receive the consent of all Member States with regard to the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and hence, the definition of the scope of Indigenous People’s rights. However, despite having had their rights and concerns under deliberation, the Indigenous Peoples themselves were not part of that drafting process and had no “official” say short of the consultations and hearings conducted in 2013 in Norway that became known as Alta Outcome Document.

Please review the Alta Outcome Document, the Resolution adopted by the General Assembly, the WCIP website, and watch a video featuring a talk by North American Delegate, Kenneth Deer:

The WCIP webpage summarizes the outcomes of the Alta meeting as recommendations on the following overarching themes:

  • Indigenous Peoples’ lands, territories, resources, oceans and waters;
  • Implementation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples;
  • United Nations action for support for the implementation of rights of Indigenous Peoples;
  • Indigenous peoples’ priorities for development with free, prior and informed consent;

This Document, as it was submitted to the UN Secretary-General, with the letter signed by nine member States including Bolivia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway and Peru. As a result, is now considered an official document of the UN (A/67/994).

UN World Conference on Indigenous Peoples flyer

Outisde UN Building
Outside the UN Building, (2014)


Tonya Gonnella Drichner, Dr. Jolene Rickard,
Left: Tonya Gonnella Frichner, Middle: Dr. Jolene Rickard (Director of AIP), (2014)


Distant view of the UN building with flag line up before event
Ellen Gabriel in line before the event, (2014)
Dr. Jolene Rickard and Ellen Gabriel
Left-Right: Dr. Jolene Rickard with Ellen Gabriel, (2014)