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Alice Te Punga Somerville

Gerald Taiaiake Alfred


Alice is currently teaching Pacific Literatures at the University of Hawai‘i- Mānoa. The heart of her research is about locating, contextualizing, and analyzing texts written by Māori, Pacific and Indigenous people. Her work is underpinned by the belief that Māori, Pacific and/ or Indigenous peoples are constrained when the stories about them are limited. In her scholarship she focuses on written texts as evidence, sites and foundations of stories that are far more complex than those that are told about Indigenous people by others or even those that are generally told by Indigenous people.

Her education focused on the written literatures of her Māori community. However, she deliberately sought broader contexts for exploring this writing by developing a twin interest and expertise in Indigenous and Pacific literary studies. Her areas of interest include: Māori, Pacific and Indigenous writing in English, Māori, Pacific and Indigenous cultural production, writing and history, Māori literary studies, Māori diasporas, Indigenous Humanities, Pacific Studies, Indigenous Studies, Postcolonial Studies, New Zealand Studies.