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Frederic W. Gleach

Frederic W. Gleach

Senior Lecturer and Curator of the Anthropology Collections

163 McGraw Hall
(607) 254-8688

My first research focus has long been on Native North America and the historical relations between Native and European cultures, past and present. Particular emphases have included Native American perceptions of Europeans in contact situations, perspectives on warfare and violence, and the maintenance of ethnic identity. This research has included consulting with tribes on questions of land claims, recognition, and repatriation, as well as extensive archaeological and archival research. I have focused on two areas, Algonquian groups and the Pacific Northwest, with particular foci on the Powhatans of Virginia and the Tlingits of Alaska.

In approach I emphasize methods and theories for interpreting material and visual culture and documentary evidence, including textual and semiotic approaches and quantitative methods, along with ways to integrate such research with other streams of evidence. I have produced photographic and poster exhibits, websites and videos as well as publications, and have taught a wide range of courses in all of the traditional subfields of the discipline.


  • Ph.D., University of Chicago