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Jolene Rickard

Jolene Rickard (Tuscarora)

Associate Professor, Director of the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program
Dr. Rickard is a visual historian, artist, and curator interested in the issues of Indigeneity within a global context. She is currently conducting research in the Americas, Europe, New Zealand and Australia culminating in a new journal on Indigenous aesthetics, and has a forthcoming book on Visualizing Sovereignty.

Ann Bianchi

Administrative Manager
Ann Bianchi is the Business Administrator for the American Indian Program and has been with the unit for 12 years. Responsibilities focus on unit administration and policy to include: Accounting, Human Resources, Staffing, Payroll, and Facilities Management

Kathy Halbig, M.S. (Onondaga)

Student Services Associate
Kathy Halbig is the American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program’s (AIISP) recruiter and student support specialist. Her focus is to recruit the brightest American Indian students to Cornell University to pursue higher educational opportunities in 80+ majors. Kathy is also interested in providing support services that enable students to not only excel in their academic scholarship, but to explore and expand their professional development opportunities.

Urszula Piasta-Mansfield

Administrative Assistant
Dr. Piasta-Mansfield is a scholar, whose primary research interests focus on the discourses of dispossession in the context of North American Indigenous Peoples with the special attention to the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. As an Administrative Assistant, Dr. Piasta-Mansfield provides academic support to AIP faculty and students, maintains financial records and performs other office duties.