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Urszula Piasta-Mansfield

Head shot of Urszula Piasta Mansfield

Associate Director

482 Caldwell Hall
(607) 255-4184

Dr. Piasta-Mansfield is a scholar, whose primary research interests focus on the discourses of dispossession of North American Indigenous Peoples with the special attention to the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Her scholarly pursuits also include the Haudenosaunee colonial history and land relationships, settler colonialism, discourses of land tenure and indigenous land rights as well as the theory of place and space production, resistance movements, indigenous methodologies and epistemologies, federal Indian policy and law, and most recently the relationships between Indigenous dispossession, American public domain lands and the Land Grant Universities, as well as the history of American Indian Program at Cornell in connection with the Haudenosaunee communities in the 20th century.