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The 2016-2017 IGSA Officers

Dylan Stevenson


Tribal Affiliation: Potawatomi

City and Regional Planning, Ph.D Student

Dylan's research interests revolve around participatory design methods for communities to shape the urban environment that reflects the communities ideals. He is also interested in how these developments drive the image of communities in rural areas and the benefits of utilizing urban planning as a mechanism for promoting economic development and vitality for towns and cities.

Jevan Hutson


Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Information Science, MPS Student

Jevan is currently completing his MPS in Information Science at Cornell. His research concerns (1) information ethics, law, and policy, (2) personal relationships and technology, and (3) surveillance and privacy. He's particularly interested in the legal, political, and social issues that shape the development of, dissemination of, and access to information and knowledge in society and culture, as well as how algorithms, data collection practices, and communication technologies uniquely impact marginalized populations.

Chris Hooper


Tribal Affiliation: Akwesasne Mohawk

Johnson School of Management, MBA Student

Chris is studying business administration at the Johnson Graduate School of Management.  In particular, Chris is focused on the ways in which technology and data analytics can be fully utilized to gain meaningful business insights.