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The purpose of the Cornell Law School's Native American Law Student Association (NALSA) shall be to: articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Native Law Students and their allies; foster and encourage professional competence; focus upon the relationship of the Native American Law Student, the Native American Attorney and their allies to the American legal structure; instill in every attorney and Law Student a greater awareness and commitment to the needs of the Native American community; influence the legal community to bring about meaningful change to meet the needs of the Native American community; adopt and implement a policy of economic independence; encourage law students to pursue careers in the judiciary; and do all things necessary and appropriate to accomplish these purposes.

    For more information contact NALSA's President: Melissa Muse at

NALSA and Cornell Law

About Cornell Law:

Cornell Law School is a small, top-tier law school located in Myron Taylor Hall. We enroll only 195-199 JD students and 60-70 graduate LL.M. students each year to ensure that we maintain a close-knit academic environment. CLS students not only benefit from our small class size but also from one of the lowest student to faculty ratios in legal education.

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Interested in applying?

Feel free to contact a NALSA executive board member for more information or contact the Office of Admissions at: or (607) 255-5141