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Programs and Events

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP) has organized, hosted, or co-sponsored an array of events such as presentations, conferences, and symposia that have proven to be precedence-setting in the field of American Indian and Indigenous Studies (AIIS). Our events have uniquely positioned us as leaders in the field by promoting Indigenous epistemologies and methodologies through the voices of Indigenous activists, artists, scientists and other invited scholars.

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP) acknowledges the importance of having a strong sense of community on campus in order to be successful at Cornell. Thus every year we host a variety of extracurricular activities that enrich our students' college experience. Events include the Welcome Back Picnic (annual), Soup Days (weekly), Awards and Recognition Ceremony (annual), and Midnight Breakfast (each semester). Take a moment to learn more about each program by clicking on the left hand tabs.