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Midnight Breakfast

Every semester during finals week AIISP prepares a meal for students at Akwe:kon. This special event is designed to promote the health and well-being of the students and serve as the ultimate stress buster for them during one of the most academically demanding times of the year.

Fall 2018

Della and Isaac preparing an omlet


Liam and Emerson whisking ingredients and making pacakes


Students in the kitchen


Students serving breakfast


Students eating a meal together around a table.

Fall 2015

Mario Caro cooking breakfast on the stove.


Laura Lagunez making pancakes


Students pose for a photo during the breakfast


Students pose for a photo during the breakfast

Scrambled eggs, sausage and pancakes on a plate


Cinnamon buns on a tray

Spring 2014

Students preparing breakfast in the kitchen


Students eating breakfast around a table


Students posing for a photo


Two people pouring juice for the breakfast


Laura and Heather pose for a photo while making pancakes


Students enjoying midnight breakfast